There is only one way. The right one.

Today, there are strict requirements for all employees to comply with both laws and internal regulations. A single misstep can have huge consequences for the company and the brand. It's easy to think that risks are eliminated simply through controls and well-defined policies. But it's more complex than that - everyone in the company needs to know and understand how to act responsibly and ethically.

We have long and solid experience in compliance & ethics issues in both large and small companies. Our methods aim to motivate and provide tools to everyone in the organisation - employees and management. This creates a sustainable culture where attitudes and behaviours are aligned with corporate values and risks are reduced. 

We'll help you get it right - so you can focus on the business.

What we offer in Compliance:

  • Pre-study and target group analysis
  • Developing policies and advice
  • Digital training on Code of Conduct and other policies
  • Dilemmas and dilemma libraries
  • Dilemma games
  • Digital workshop tools
  • Film
  • Measurement and analysis

Knowledge and insight reduce risks

At Involve, we always advocate working on compliance and ethics in a broader perspective than the standard "read and sign the code of conduct" approach. This is because we strongly believe that minimising risk and building an ethical corporate culture is a proactive and iterative process. Something that requires continuous learning, open discussions and leaders who lead by example.

In order to minimise risk, you need to look at your own corporate culture with a critical eye; has everyone understood what our Code of Conduct means in practice and do we have a permissive culture where there is room to speak up? When employees are confident and know what works, you can develop a culture that benefits the business and not the other way around.

Clients we have helped in Compliance:


Atlas Copco








Stena Line

Stena Recycling

Stockholms Hamnar

White Book Portal

Learning portal for business philosophy and values

The Stena Sphere has more than 20,000 employees in different jobs, companies, businesses and countries. Regardless, there is one thing that unites everyone - The White Book. The White Book describes Stena's basic business philosophy and values and provides inspiration and guidelines for how to think and act in different situations.

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