The Involve Way
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To create real, lasting and sustainable change over time, it is important to involve people. When well-informed, engaged employees work together towards shared goals and visions, it can have an amazing effect. The challenge is to make it happen.
Our starting point is to ensure we reach all leaders and employees, no matter where in your organization they work. Everyone is important and we set out to break old habits and barriers. By using digital communication solutions that involve everyone, you build your culture and brand from the inside out. This increases your company value – in the eyes of your employees as well as the outside world.
We create, design, package and interpret the complex to make it visually understandable and easy for all to grasp. We strive to find the smartest and most sustainable concepts, leaning into what you already have in terms of strategies, action plans, policies and other communication material in order to use resources already in place. 
We have more than 20 years’ experience of working with internal communication, change communication and digital learning in many of Sweden’s most successful global companies. We have developed unique methods and digital solutions to support managers to truly reach out to and engage all employees, no matter where in the organization they work. With our pedagogical and dramaturgical skills, we find the right solution and tone of voice that works best for your organization. Together we take a holistic approach. We initiate every project with a reality check. This phase involves analysis, strategy, concept and content development as well as choice of communication channels and technical solution. Over the years we have learnt that taking the time to think ahead really pays off and ensures a successful outcome.

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