Strategy communication and activation

Strategies only become reality when people act

Why do some companies succeed and others don't? A key factor is that those that succeed are keen to really clarify and communicate their strategies to engage - not just managers - but also employees. Employees need to understand what, why and how to act if they are to have the opportunity, desire and drive to work towards meeting business goals and vision. Strategies are only realised when people act. When everyone strives towards common goals, real impact is created!

How does it work?

Traditional ways of implementing strategies with top-down cascading via managers and meetings with PPT slides are no longer the most effective - especially in an era of globalisation and when 'digital first' is becoming the new normal. Today, new digital, fast ways are needed to communicate continuously with everyone in the organisation, wherever they are. Involve's offer, for successful strategy activation on digital platform, is based on clarity, continuity and on putting the strategy in its context. We concretise and visualise the complex and ensure that every manager and employee is empowered to understand and implement the strategy in their daily work.

Example of strategy activation process

Our offer includes the following;

  • Strategic communication advice and analysis
  • Content development (copy, visualization, film scripts, etc.)
  • Digital strategy activation platform
  • Live streaming event/talkshow/broadcast (with our sister agency Creo)
  • Communication plan for activation
  • Support and workshop tools for managers  
  • Measurement and analysis

From strategy to action - the next steps

Business Execution Model - a know-how hub for your managers

Digitalisation and ever-changing business models require new approaches and new skills. Businesses must be nimble, management structures and ways of working must be flexible, and everyone must be able to learn new things all the time. To succeed, it is crucial for managers and leaders to be able to effectively reach out and clarify strategic and business-critical know-how to everyone in the organisation.

It's all about being able to visualise, exemplify, concretise and create context beyond numbers in complex Excel sheets and difficult-to-interpret PowerPoint presentations.

With our digital management tool - The Business Execution Model - we support managers in understanding, visualising and explaining everything from business models to KPIs and new strategic approaches in an educational and concrete way. With exercises and examples, we create insight into what things really mean and work. The model enables managers to share best practices, cases and experiences.

Clients in Strategy Activation and Business Execution:




Clarion Hotel





LRF Konsult




Stena Line

Stena Metall

Stockholms Stad

The Power of Pricing

A strategic training and awareness builder

Pricing at ASSA ABLOY is subject to a game-change, from hardware to software, from products to services, from cost plus to value-based pricing.

To succeed in this transformation there is a need for continuous communication and learning support that really reaches all employees in the target group(s). Not only one time in relation to the requested course content, but over time as the subject matter and scope as well as the need for training will evolve.

For this reason, we developed a flexible web-based training solution where ASSA ABLOY can offer continuous support with updates and new small course modules within the pricing field – all in one place.

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