Once the strategy is set, the real work begins

The sustainability strategy is increasingly integrated with the business strategy and overall corporate objectives. When producing sustainability reports and designing strategies, companies often have a clear picture of where they have made the biggest improvements and how to focus their efforts going forward. But what happens next? How do you move from an ambitious sustainability strategy to concrete results?

Realising your sustainability strategy requires clear and concrete actions that deliver results. But it also requires insight and continuous learning about what the sustainability goals mean in practice, and how they relate to the company's overall goals. Aimed at everyone.

We take stock of the company, talk to employees and find out what it takes to move from strategy to results. Then we tailor solutions that harness the knowledge and innovation of all your employees and activate your sustainability strategy for real.

It's sustainable development - at every level.

What we offer in Sustainability:

  • Pre-study and target group analysis
  • Activation/implementation strategy
  • Digital trainings 
  • Digital workshop tools  
  • Film 
  • Measurement & Analysis 

From sustainability strategy to concrete results.

We visualise how your vision and strategy relate to what is actually done on the ground every day, and ensure that you can benefit from the knowledge of all your employees. This not only creates more successful sustainability work, but also employees who feel they are actually contributing and making a difference. Ultimately, this leads to an attractive culture where innovation is harnessed.

We help you to concretise and communicate your sustainability work throughout your business by defining which information and type of knowledge should reach which target group. We help you implement your sustainability strategy for real by raising engagement, awareness and insight. It drives real change.

Clients we have helped in Sustainability:



Stena Line

Stena Metall

Stena Recycling

Stena Save More

Step by step towards sustainability

Stena Line wanted a fun and informative way of reaching all its employees – whether full-time or temporary, on ships or ashore – in order to let them know what they could do in their daily work to help Stena Line save even more resources.

We created a number of relevant and enjoyable short films featuring employees who show and share initiatives relevant to them in their daily work.

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