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GlobalConnect is one of the leading providers of fibre-based data communications and data centres to businesses and consumers in Northern Europe. GlobalConnect was created through the merger of the Danish-Norwegian company GlobalConnect and the Swedish company IP-Only in February 2020. The group operates in B2B and B2C and is owned by EQT.

When the merger and the work on developing the strategy for the group coincided with the pandemic, the possibilities to carry out planned physical activities decreased significantly. Involve was then asked to help the management with an alternative solution, i.e. to develop and activate the strategy in a more digital process using, among other things, videos and streaming.

 "With our merger in February 2020, we had a strong need to communicate and embed our new joint strategy across all parts of the company. And with the pandemic, we quickly had to rethink and rethink. We had to find a solution that was completely independent of physical meetings or travel and that was interactive, clear and inspiring" (Kamran Alemdar, CMO)


The assignment involved packaging the group's key strategic objectives and messages into a series of short films presented by the various members of the management team. We developed the concept, tonality and storyline to hold the whole together. We created a strategy hub, easily accessible on the intranet, to bring everything together in one place and support leaders in their mission to translate the different elements of the strategy into concrete activities at work, together with their teams.

The activation then continued with a live broadcast addressed to all leaders - with participants from Top Management both in studio and via Teams link. During the live broadcast, management went into more detail about the strategy and managers had the opportunity to ask questions in real-time. Together with our sister agency Creo and under the guidance of seasoned presenter Emalee Mandl, we created a holistic experience with film production, talk show set-up, interactivity and live broadcast in fine balance.

Part of the assignment has involved strategic advice on communications and digital packaging, with the aim of ensuring that what is communicated really focuses on what is important, why it is important and how to work together to move the strategy from paper to reality.

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