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Strategy communication and activation


Together We Are the ASSA ABLOY Group


Reaches 47,000 employees in 18 languages

Involve and ASSA ABLOY have created the strategy activation platform ”Together we are the ASSA ABLOY Group”. The platform gives an overall picture of ASSA ABLOYS business, strategies, values and vision, and is aimed at all 47 000 employees and managers – available in 18 languages.


Together we are the ASSA ABLOY Group is a transformational tool to create common references and targets among employees within the different divisions. By continuously providing the employees with context and knowledge about the overall strategy and goals, participation and a sense of community is created – while at the same time, the divisions’ own business and goals are put in a larger and clearer context and gives management great communicative support. 


Focus EU visual model

Welcome to the Focus on the EU learning portal - a digital platform with quizzes, films and interactive exercises that increase basic knowledge and provide insight into Swedish business' work in the EU. The flexible structure gives employees the opportunity to delve into what they need to know more about on their own and gives them insight and knowledge ahead of the Focus Day.

Employees meet for a Focus Day on the EU - with films and challenging questions to discuss and solve.

The portal is available to all - to refresh memories when needed or for onboarding new staff. The FOKUS EU portal becomes a living gathering place that can be built upon with EU-related know-how for inspiration and further learning.