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From waste to resources


Win-win when customers learn more about sustainability

For Stena Recycling, sustainability is part of its business concept and it has long educated its customers on environmental and waste issues. This involves both educating customers about the environmental and climate benefits of waste sorting and the need for them to understand how waste is managed, what can be sorted with what and what the consequences are when sorting is not done correctly.

Stena Recycling wanted to raise the level of ambition and make a digital education in environmental and waste issues, and thus give more customers the opportunity to benefit from their knowledge in sustainability and recycling.


The web training "From waste to resources" gives Stena Recycling's customers insight into how different recycling processes work and how waste is given new life. It provides an insight into sustainability issues, industry-specific waste challenges and knowledge about the properties of different materials and how they should be sorted. The fact that careful sorting of waste - especially in large-scale production - can make a big difference economically for both the customer and Stena Recycling is one of many important insights in the training.


The training was tested during a pilot period with a few selected customers. With a 100% recommendation rate from those who completed the training, "From waste to resources" was launched on Stena Recycling's website. There, customers can directly choose to purchase licenses for their employees and get access to the training.

With "From waste to resources" Stena Recycling can offer more customers a qualitative and flexible training in sustainability, environment and waste sorting. This reduces costs and increases flexibility for both Stena Recycling and its customers. Win-win for all parties, not least for our planet!

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Welcome to the Focus on the EU learning portal - a digital platform with quizzes, films and interactive exercises that increase basic knowledge and provide insight into Swedish business' work in the EU. The flexible structure gives employees the opportunity to delve into what they need to know more about on their own and gives them insight and knowledge ahead of the Focus Day.

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