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Finally a Leadership Conference!

GlobalConnect is one of the leading providers of fibre-based data communications and data centres to businesses and consumers in Northern Europe.

After the pandemic, it was important for GlobalConnect's management to gather all leaders in Sweden to present and work on the strategy in a creative and engaging way. We at Involve were commissioned to develop a plan for a full day conference including dinner and evening festivities. The format was based on a mix of presentations by selected leaders, panel discussions and challenging group exercises for deeper insight and exchange of perspectives and experiences.


To create a truly memorable and rewarding event, we enlisted the help of our sister agency Wonderland, experts in creating creative events and celebrated festivities. Involve provided advice on content, messaging and strategy presentations, as well as producing films, stage graphics and printed materials. Wonderland took overall responsibility for the event in everything from the choir schedule, sound and lighting bookings, entertainment, food and drink, to the set-up for a real gala night.


"Many thanks for yesterday - what a fantastic day and evening it was! Very professional!"
Internal Communications Manager - Sweden
"Thanks a lot everyone - great job!!"
Executive Assistant - Sweden, Finland & Carrier

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Welcome to the Focus on the EU learning portal - a digital platform with quizzes, films and interactive exercises that increase basic knowledge and provide insight into Swedish business' work in the EU. The flexible structure gives employees the opportunity to delve into what they need to know more about on their own and gives them insight and knowledge ahead of the Focus Day.

Employees meet for a Focus Day on the EU - with films and challenging questions to discuss and solve.

The portal is available to all - to refresh memories when needed or for onboarding new staff. The FOKUS EU portal becomes a living gathering place that can be built upon with EU-related know-how for inspiration and further learning.