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Several solutions for a living code of conduct

At Atlas Copco, the Code of Conduct is a tool to minimize business risks and ensure a safe and ethical workplace. But a code is not followed just because it exists, or even because all employees have signed it - something Atlas Copco knows. With 39,000 employees and operations in more than 180 countries, the challenge is to find ways to instill the Code of Conduct in all managers and employees, effectively and over the long term.


Together with Atlas Copco, Involve created several different solutions for different target groups and different ways of working. To support managers, we developed a digital workshop tool - The Dilemma Library. It contains different dilemmas sorted under the areas of the code, easy for managers to go through and discuss with in their teams. A " Dilemma game-mode" allows to randomly generate dilemmas and have a game-like experience.


For all employees, we developed basic e-learning modules on the Code of Conduct. In addition to dilemmas, these include videos with employees and managers that give a clear picture of why the Code of Conduct is important, how whistleblowing tools and the reporting procedure work, and the importance of jointly creating the conditions for a speak-up culture.

"We get an amazing amount of positive feedback on these trainings. Our employees really appreciate the dilemmas and format. That they take the time to share their positive comments about the trainings in our LMS really says something."

- Kelly Langpap, Sustainability Project Manager

Focus EU visual model

Welcome to the Focus on the EU learning portal - a digital platform with quizzes, films and interactive exercises that increase basic knowledge and provide insight into Swedish business' work in the EU. The flexible structure gives employees the opportunity to delve into what they need to know more about on their own and gives them insight and knowledge ahead of the Focus Day.

Employees meet for a Focus Day on the EU - with films and challenging questions to discuss and solve.

The portal is available to all - to refresh memories when needed or for onboarding new staff. The FOKUS EU portal becomes a living gathering place that can be built upon with EU-related know-how for inspiration and further learning.